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Whether you need a web, mobile, or desktop application, we have your back! With our experienced engineers, maintainable solutions and high quality code are guaranteed.

We listen and adjust methodology to your needs. We go step by step, and those steps can be executed successively (“waterfall” approach), or they can be repeated through several cycles or iterations (“more extreme” approach) depending on your needs.

In a more extreme approach, less time is usually spent on planning and documentation, while more time is spent on programming and developing automated tests. This approach also encourages testing throughout the software development process, as well as the continuous existence of a working version (bug-free version) of the product. In the “waterfall” approach, which is more structured, an attempt is made to assess most of the risks, and to make a detailed plan for the software before the implementation (programming) begins, and to avoid significant design changes and recoding in the later steps of development. software.

If you choose us for your outsourcing partner in software development we can guarantee following:

✔️ Reliability

✔️ Performance

✔️ Security

✔️ Maintainability

✔️ Code quality

✔️ True Test Coverage

✔️ Everything in a timely manner

✔️ Budget savings

✔️ Satisfied users

✔️ Smile on your face

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The knowledge and experience of our software architects help us build scalable software that perfectly fits your needs and saves our clients’ valuable resources.

The lack of software architecture can make it difficult to develop even small apps. Such software is tightly coupled between components and is very difficult to change later. It is also important to choose the right architecture considering the type of software we are working on.

The basis of every architecture, more precisely every software should be S.O.L.I.D. principles, i.e. a set of
five principles which, if we stick to them, facilitate both development and maintenance. And we always stick to those principles!

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The main prerequisite for building your online presence is DESIGN. Without design, there is no website, no profile on social networks, no proper visual content, nothing.

Your potential clients will form opinions about your brand in just a few seconds after visiting your website. You must make the most of these essential first few seconds if you want to create an impression on your target market and maintain their attention in what you have to offer.

That is where Recursion designers come in. They will produce gorgeous designs for you that your users will adore.

✔️ Optimal UX/UI

✔️ Beautiful design

✔️ SEO Friendly

✔️ Latest design trends

Strategy Icon

If you are unsure about which technology stack to use for your project, we can assist you in making a decision.

We can provide you advice and help you save money over time whether it would be better to design a custom application or perhaps use a simple CMS (like WordPress) to implement your idea.

If you don’t have a strategy in place, your software systems can cause more problems than they solve so let our experienced software architects help you.

✔️ Reduced costs

✔️ Clear goals

✔️ Usability & Learnability

✔️ Interoperability

✔️ Understandability

✔️ Scalability

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Allow us to handle the tedious tasks so you can concentrate on your core business activities.

By hiring us, you will increase efficiency, gain a competitive advantage, and reduce costs while maintaining high quality.

Eastern Europe is the place where quality meets reasonable price and we are one of the best outsourcing companies in this part of the world.

✔️ Increased efficiency

✔️ 100% flexibility

✔️ Greater competitive advantage

✔️ Controlled costs

✔️ Increased reach

✔️ Long term IT partner

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We are at your disposal 24/7 whether you need advice, assistance or some quick bug fix. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance with any issues related to software and information technology.


Our Processes

We listen to your needs, plan, and carry out

Research Icon

1. Research

Research is always the first step. We try to get all details and info from our clients about their needs. Gathering system requirements, analysis, modeling and proposing proper solution.

Planning Icon

2. Planning

After collecting all the information, we choose the path that will take us to the goal the fastest with the best ratio of price and quality. We agree on methodologies, technologies and deadlines.

Implementation Icon

3. Execution

Our software developers translate the requirements into code in this step while adhering to coding standards and conventions. This is how we produce a high-quality, easily extensible product that is also maintainable.

Testing Icon

4. Testing

Of course, writing bug-free code is impossible. But because of this, our quality assurance engineers put in a lot of effort to find them all before the product is released.